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Where Else Can I Listen to SolanoFit?

You can listen and subscribe to SolanoFit for free in any podcast player—such as  

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On your computer, Android phone or tablet

Visit SolanoFit.com to listen to any episode in the series, including the latest.

On your iPad or iPhone

  1. Open up iTunes or the Podbean podcast app, search for SolanoFit, and tap on it.

  2. From the SolanoFit.com site page, tap the “Listen” or "Listen Now" button to receive the latest episodes for free.

  3. Tap on the name of each episode in the list to listen to the show.

  4. Tap on this link to open the SolanoFit page in Google Podcasts.


On Amazon Echo, Echo Dot or Tap

Just say “Alexa, play SolanoFit podcast on Anypod.”

To subscribe to SolanoFit for free in your app of choice, click on any of the links (in yellow).



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