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Can You Really Do it All?

Sacrifice and Your Five Life Domains

Welcome to the 30 Day Healthy & Happy Challenge!

The 30 DAY challenge is designed to develop essential habits that will improve your health and happiness. Log in at with your email address to get your 30 Day calendar.


Today is Day 15 - Listen Here


The S Word

For the goals that you want achieve, habits you want to create for the fitness level you desire or for the set of skills you want to learn...what will you give up to get it? What are you willing to sacrifice? It's a question we have to seriously consider if you want to hit the targets you’ve set. Will it be money? Time? Might it be your downtime? Or your self-care?

This is value-based arithmetic; when you really count the costs - parties, hanging out with friends as often you have in the past may no longer be an option. If there is going to be a change, you will have to make some.

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