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Week 4: A Cause for Celebration

What's with people that don't celebrate?

Welcome to Week 4 of the S2S5K. During this 8 week series, these show notes will accentuate the learning from the podcast and the Training paths. Log in at with your email address for access. Special thanks to Kaiser Permanente Napa-Solano for sponsoring this series.


Week 4 - Listen Here


As usual, please consult your medical professional before beginning any exercise program.

Let’s Get to It

It's Week 4 which means that followers of the S2S5K series are nearly half-way through the program. This is awesome and a cause for celebration! But ... some folks have a hard time celebrating, and that is the topic for today: people that have a hard time celebrating their accomplishments.

Who are these people? They may say things like:

  • I don’t like drawing attention to myself...

  • Celebrating slows me down...

  • I don’t want to jinx myself...

  • I’ll celebrate when I’m done...

  • I haven’t actually accomplished anything yet!

Sometimes the same person who says one or more of these also has a hard time accepting compliments for the same reasons...fear of drawing attention, the denial of an accomplishment or the promise to be happy at a later date. So what’s behind this reluctance to celebrate?

Could it be false humility? Sure maybe. But most often these excuses reveal a lack of self-compassion. Kristin Neff has researched the topic extensively. She says that the kindness and mindfulness elements in self-compassion create the awareness we need to improve our well-being.

Neurology nerds know that our brains are great threat detectors...meaning we see what's wrong or out of place before we see anything else. In hyper drive this function can make us overly critical.

Unless we build an opposite skill, our entire perspective will shift negative. The practice of taking a moment to acknowledge an accomplishment will not only boost energy and the chance of success toward our goal, it can rewire our brain toward positivity and gratitude.

Remember the goal questions from Week 1: What do want? Why do you want it? Who do you have to be to achieve it? Now add, "What will change and how will you commemorate it?" People rarely envision this specific phase in their goal strategy.

Take a moment to notice how far you've come; tap into the power of celebration, and you will train your brain to be more resilient.

Lastly a few practical tips for week 4

Video A. Side Planks Exercises (Beginner - Advanced)

Video B. Recovery Workout (Foam Rolling)



Add these exercises to your routine, and you will add strength and prevent injury.

See you next time!


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