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Creating a Culture of Health

"We gotta practice what we preach as health educators." - Andrea Notch

Today we are joined by Andrea Notch, program manager of Health Education at Kaiser Permanente. In this episode Andrea shares how a history of physical activity transfers into the health and wellness field as a professional, and how the love for her community empowers her commitment to the culture of health shes working to build.


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Andrea's Top Tips

  • "Walking is man's best medicine." -Hippocrates

  • Tiny bouts of minutes throughout the day add up, so go small!

  • Beware of fad diets. Eat simply by adding more plants

  • Pay attention to your mental fitness as well

  • Connect with community resources to find support

Resources Mentioned in this Episode

☆ Vallejoyoga:

☆ Solano Land Trust Events:

☆ Bike and Kayak Vallejo:

☆ Stanford Wellness Coalition:

☆ Michael Pollen:

☆ Mental Health Awareness:

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