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Fitness is Hygiene

Welcome to the Healthy & Happy 30 Day Challenge

Hello Day 1

Right now there are thousands of men and women signing up for fitness programs to whip themselves back into shape. Others will hop on the treadmill and expect magic results in 14 days. If it's too hard or if takes too long, all these people will eventually happens every year. Even the three day a week schedule trainers often give their clients is super difficult to maintain, unless you’ve built tremendous habit power over time. At that’s the most important: time. It's all about time, and how we manage it to develop a lifetime habit.

And time is what you need to train your body and most importantly your mind toward thoughts of energy, consistency and success. All the exercises on this calendar relate to just that, and at a volume that is sustainable. But as usual, you are the captain of your own ship, so feel free to plus+ your workout if you're comfortable. Just be warned: if it jeopardizes your consistency it could snowball into consecutive missed days. Remember there are no backsies!

Let's begin to think of fitness like brushing our teeth. We do it every day without thinking about it, because it's important. We don’t miss one day and say"Screw it; I’m never going to brush again!" Nor do you miss a day, and then scrub your teeth super hard to make up for the day missed. So even if you drop a day, let it go, and pick up where you left off. Consider fitness like hygiene. Let's do this patiently, consistently and compassionately. We'll get there together.

Ok that's it for Day 1. See you tomorrow!

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