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Week 3: Recognizing Growth Opportunities

The Third and Fourth Strategies

Don't Let The Hurdles Stop You

Welcome to Week 3 of the S2S5K. During this 8 week series, these show notes will accentuate the learning from the podcast and the Training paths. Log in at with your email address for access. Special thanks to Kaiser Permanente Napa-Solano for sponsoring this series.


Week 3 - Listen Here


As usual, please consult your medical professional before beginning any exercise program.

...continuing from last week

Our last two strategies remind us of a few simple, but easy to overlook truths. Use them as keys to access inner energy to continue your journey.

3. START - Sow Today And Reap Tomorrow

In order to reap one must sow. We know this; we know that results take work, but at times we shrink from the responsibility of this tenet, retreating instead to superstitious statements., like "its not meant to be," as if fortune is required. The START acronym reminds us not only to work, but to be as diligent and patient as a farmer. To give your goals the best chance to succeed doubt must be overcome by decisions and action. Keep START'ing.

4. AFGO - Another F*** Growth Opportunity

You get to insert the F-word of your choice eg., Fun,Fantastic ... you get the drift. AFGOs are opportunities that create friction, stress and challenge. They are often disappointing or surprising in a bad way. AFGOs can also be people you can't stand, or loved ones that are hard to love. AFGOs can even be circumstances that you've inadvertently created. But on the other side of an AFGO can be innovation, resilience, and strength. Be on the lookout. Whatever the circumstance, if you make it an opportunity to learn from, you grow that much closer to your higher self.

When we combine all four acronyms from both this week and last, one variation might say something like:

PUSH - FEAR - START - AFGO or PUSH through the FEAR, START Another Fun Growth Opportunity. Voila!

Practical Tip

New runners need to strengthen their legs and core in order to withstand the rigors of running. Below is a video for a few exercises you can do on off days or as a warm-up before your run.. As usual consult a doctor before beginning any exercise routine.

Feel free to adjust or delete exercises that cause pain. For example, the lunges can be challenging for some. Diminish the range of motion, and strengthen where you can pain-free.

See you next week!


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