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How Are You Sleeping?

Sleeping Well is the Foundation

Good morning!

Welcome to the 30 Day Healthy & Happy Challenge!

The 30 DAY challenge is designed to develop essential habits that will improve your health and happiness. Log in at with your email address to get your 30 Day calendar.


Today is Day 6 - Listen Here


Great Sleep, Good Vibes

Do you know that being positive requires energy?

From maintaining a good habit to recognizing the needs of others, being a happy human requires energy.

And where do we get this energy? You got it ...sleep. We also get energy from exercise, food, sunlight and companionship, but sleep is the foundation. It's ironic that the best thing to improve our doing, is to NOT do and sleep.

And even though we are empirically happier when we are operating after a full night's rest,

getting enough sleep is hard for some people. Overworking and an overindulgence on entertainment have crippled our sleep routines.

The CDC reported that 33% of Americans are sleep deprived. Less than 20% of us complain about it, which suggests that we’ve come to accept it.

So how are you sleeping?

A: I sleep well 7+ hours most nights.

B: I sleep less than 7 hours most nights.

C: I have a hard time going to sleep.

D: I’m not really sure, how I sleep.

Tell us in the comments.

If you're operating on less than seven hours, just imagine how much stronger, more productive, happier and rested you might be if you slept more. But you'll have to actually try it. It may mean a few sacrifices. It may mean going to bed earlier or even working less, which some may find hard to stomach. It will definitely mean covering all the blinking lights in your bedroom and reducing television consumption. Time to #NixtheFlix at night?

Here’s an idea ~

Use the 30 Day Calendar to chart your sleep each night. If you succeed in sleeping 7 hours or more check the box. If you don’t get to 7 hours, just enter the number of hours you did sleep each day. Let’s see how you do over the next 7 days. You’ll have a better idea of your baseline pattern and what obstacles there were. We’ll revisit your progress and more ways to improve your sleep quality, Day 13.

*** Helpful links for Day 6 ***

Okay that's it for Day 6.

Have a great day, and a restful night.

See you tomorrow.


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