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How's Your Relationship?

America's Love-Hate Drama with Gyms

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Today is Day 16 - Listen Here


America's Love Hate Relationship

Now here’s the thing - part of our problem is that many of us unwittingly subscribe to the idea that gyms have cornered the market on health and fitness. But that's not true. Fitness can occur anywhere your body finds itself. It can happen on the sidewalk right outside of your house, in your backyard or at the park. It can even happen in inclement weather. If the gym isn't your style, consider starting with a walk outside. If you insist on the gym membership because you have fantastic goals or a timeline, consider a trainer. Just remember that you will eventually need to pilot your ship yourself, so a home workout will always be the key to your success.

If you have a membership already, be a gym-goer not a gym-donor.

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