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Killer Commutes

And What To Do About Them

Welcome to the 30 Day Healthy & Happy Challenge!

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Today is Day 8 - Listen Here


Do you know the benefits of walking?

  • Increased cardiovascular fitness

  • Increased pulmonary fitness

  • Reduced risk of heart disease

  • Reduced risk of stroke

  • Lowers high blood pressure

  • Lowers high cholesterol

  • Reduced joint and muscular pain or stiffness

  • Reduced diabetes

  • Stronger bones and improved balance

  • Increased muscle strength and muscle endurance

  • Reduced body fat

  • Boost of energy

  • Improved mood

And just so that we're clear, sitting does the opposite of everything listed. Yeah, its bad. But let's consider the commute. According to a report in USA Today, the average American commutes 25.5 minutes each way, which is 51 minutes total per day or 204 hours per year!

Remember how sitting has the opposite effect of the benefits above? Now add the psychological stress of the stop n' go traffic, the frustration of accidents and rode rages. With a commute, add increased anxiety, back and neck pain, depression and a whole host of other horribles.

Here’s a thought: would you ever consider walking or biking to work if it meant a longer and happier life?

There is incredible amounts of research on the benefits of building a physical environment that supports walking and biking citizens. And many city, county and non-profit organizations are working to better support your decision to walk and create what's known as walk-able cities.

*** Helpful links for Day 8***

Local to Solano,California organizations like the Solano Transportation Authority and Vibe Solano along with programs like Girls Trek, So Fit City, Girls on the Run, Mayors Marathon Club, and Moms Run This Town are working to support the physical activity of students and adults alike.

In his book “Bowling Alone: the Collapse of the American Economy," Robert Putnam describes the deterioration of the American community. He cites evidence for the decline in associations, congregations, and volunteerism and the increasing social isolation. We are engaging with people less and less. And this book was written well before the world of social media!

Consider helping. Associations like those mentioned above need your support. You will find friendly people ready and motivated to connect. With your help walk-able cities can become real, and we can all get walking.

See you tomorrow.

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