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Week 5: Seize the (Rest) Day

Plus Active Rest To Be Your Best

Welcome to Week 5 of the S2S5K. During this 8 week series, these show notes will accentuate the learning from the podcast and the Training paths. Log in at with your email address for access. Special thanks to Kaiser Permanente Napa-Solano for sponsoring this series.


Week 5 - Listen Here


As usual, please consult your medical professional before beginning any exercise program.

Do you have a Rest & Recovery program?

Most athletes don't. Rest and recovery rarely get any credit for the contribution to a healthy body. R&R is often forgotten or considered only as an after-thought. Exercisers figure they’ll skip the cool down, the stretch, or the foam roller, because they think its not really a part of the workout. But it is a part of the workout! Sleep, of course, is vital, but the kind of rest we're talking about is during daylight hours when you're awake.

Today's focus is on creating an R&R program that you attune to as deliberately as you do your typical workout. Despite what pseudo-tough men and women might say about not needing sleep, it is crucial to the health of the body and mind. This incredible organic system will return to us vitality and energy if we care for it. You already know many of the rest activities that have consistent results: drink water mostly, fast intermittently, meditate daily to name some important few. What other restful exercises might you consider that would do your body good?

Two Tips for Better Rest

*Tip #1: Choose five activities that produce relaxation and calm, then commit to a time and place to complete them.

*Tip #2: Prioritize your rest time. Consider putting it on your calendar or using a journal to track accountability and progress.

*Tip #3: Sleep too. Just because we are focusing on conscious activities, don't lose sight of the importance of sleep. Recommendations are 7-8 hours each night.

The famous slogan JUST DO IT, could just as easily be adjusted to JUST REST IT. Not all rest exercises are created equal, so keep only what you like, and discard whatever the tips don't move you.

Crushing your workout is wonderful and fun, but if you don’t take your rest seriously your body will never repair properly. And let's remember, physical injury is not the only thing that can slow down your health: apathy and boredom routinely rob persons of the success they were headed toward. Its called burnout. Rest prevents burnout, but only when it is managed as a priority.


Active rest involves performing light exercises that stimulate the recovery process without creating undue stress on an injured/exhausted body part. The exercises below, performed lightly and softly can help reduce soreness after a heavy day.

Practical Drills for a Better Run

A. ABC Running Drills

B. A Second Variation of ABC Skips

Talk to you soon.

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