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The Limit Lectures- part 1

You Are What You Eat

Welcome to the 30 Day Healthy & Happy Challenge! The 30 DAY challenge is designed to develop essential habits that will improve your health and happiness.

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Today is Day 19 - Listen Here


There are all kinds of limits to consider. Some like time, age or illness - may be imposed on you at no fault of our own. But this episode is about the conscious limits we can create for our own benefit.

You are what you eat. The idea that everything from your body to your brain is replenished by the food we ingest is widely accepted if not widely applied. Statistics on American weight gain and cardiovascular disease since the late 60's tell the story of what happens to a nation when it eats more carbohydrates, sugar and sodium. The result: rampant disease .. the end. But wait. Some Americans have responded by limiting meat in their diet or animal products or carbohydrates. Maybe there are other less intense ways of creating limits? Listen to the episode for more.

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