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The Limit Lectures - part 3

You Are What You Believe

Welcome to the 30 Day Healthy & Happy Challenge! The 30 DAY challenge is designed to develop essential habits that will improve your health and happiness.

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Today is Day 21 - Listen Here


What is your blueprint?

A belief requires you to make limits, to take a stand for one thing and not another thing. It's the thing you know in your heart to be true. Your particular beliefs may be principles, guidelines or a blueprint of how you aspire to live your life, how you arrange your world.

So what do you believe about yourself? What blueprint guides you?

To answer this I’d suggest first analyzing what you DO… because your actions reveal far more than just your words.True knowledge and belief results in action. If it doesn’t lead to action then “the belief” may not be more than just decoration.

Many times our behaviors may not match up with our stated beliefs. The good news is, that if our beliefs represent ideals worth keeping we can change our behaviors to align with them.

So what do you believe? Or rather what will be the blueprint upon which you imprint your improved behaviors?

Here's a place to start.

"Always feel that you count, that you have worth, that your life has ultimate significance."

Dr. Marting Luther King, Jr., 1967

See you tomorrow!


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