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Is Social Media Hurting Your Happiness?

Welcome to the 30 Day Healthy & Happy Challenge!

The 30 DAY challenge is designed to develop essential habits that will improve your health and happiness. Log in at with your email address to get your 30 Day calendar.


Today is Day 10 - Listen Here


The Eppinghaus Illusion

The Eppinghaus illusion mimics how we are constantly judging the value or quality of a thing relative to what’s around it. It's a natural function of our brains. Social media however heightens this ability when we are exposed to a never ending scroll of perfection. (The orange circles are the same size, even though the one on the right appears larger.)

Studies show that men rate their partners and women rate themselves less after just a few moments of viewing supermodels in magazines. See the studies in the helpful links below.

But there is an even darker side. A study by Mercado et al (2017) showed that hospital admissions for non fatal self-harm drastically increased since 2012. It's bad for everyone but its been disastrous for girls: women aged 20-24 increased by (17%), girls 15-19 were up by (62%), and pre-teen girls 10 - 14 were up (189%)! Watch the video below to have a better understanding, why.

*** Helpful links for Day 10 ***

Remember that studies hardly prove causality, but isn't it worth decreasing our digital pollution, for our own happiness and the health of the young people in our lives? If we do, we might reward ourselves with a lot more happiness and a little more peace.

See you tomorrow.


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