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Why We Get Fat

And What We Can Do About It

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Top 3 Fitness Myths ( A Countdown)

#3 No Pain No Gain

"If you're not suffering in your workout you're not improving?" This isn't true. If you're too sore or too hurt it'll ruin the probability of returning to your workout. Now of course, your workout has lots to do with your experience, thresholds, goals and timeline, but new thoughts on this suggest that volume and consistency beat intensity.

#2 You Can Target Fat Loss

This is called spot reduction, and every trainer knows its impossible. Just because you work a muscle group it doesn't mean you will lose fat there. You will gain muscle there, but not necessarily lose fat. Other complex factors govern where and when fat decreases.

#1 Calories In vs Calories Out

The mammoth lie of them all. Your workout routine will never compete with the volume of food that you eat. In fact, hormonal differences and reactions to carbohydrates really determine how fat you get. So while you can control what and how much of what you eat, you have little control of how your calorie expenditure affects your weight loss. Yes, you should work out consistently for all its wonderful benefits. But don't think it'll give you a pass to eat like you've eaten in the past. If you are larger than you want to be, or if you want healthier insides consider reducing carbs from here on out. Check out the groundbreaking book or video below.

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