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Why WOOP Works

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I’m sure you’ve heard of SMART goals or SMARRT or SMAART goals. So if you're thinking you don’t need another acronym, I'm with you. But this WOOP acronym is empirically legit.

Remember, WOOP illuminates the four cognitive steps you can do to drastically increase your chances of success with whatever goal you desire. It works with all sizes of goal. Studies have been done with elementary students in the classroom, the elderly, people from different cultures, and even stroke victims.

In 2004, Oettingen, Stadler and Gollwitzer did a fitness study with 256 women aged 30-50. Women that WOOP’d were twice as physically active as the control group. This difference appeared as early as the first week after intervention and was maintained over the course of the 4 months, which was the length of the study.

Now a quick word on why WOOP works well. Some of this may seem intuitive but it's nonetheless remarkable. It works so well, in part, because we are actually putting our brain to work. We are literally taking our brain off of default mode and focusing it toward the specific attainment of our wish in an organized way.

But you gotta do the work and daily if you want the transformational results. Just because it's cute and simple, doesn’t mean it's trivial.

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When you WOOP, remove yourself from distraction. It doesn’t have to be necessarily quiet time, but definitely uninterrupted time. It can be as short as 5 minutes and even faster once you’ve practiced. Focus for five and WOOP your wish.

But don't switch the O’s. It won't work if you switch the O's. So Outcome first, then Obstacle. Why? Because, you can only frame the obstacle in context of the outcome. You gotta think about the future you want first, for the reality of the obstacle to stick. In the end WOOP is just a tool. It's a means to an end, so take it wherever you want to go.

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